Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diagonal Rotary Evaporator, 115V/50hz by Dynalon

Diagonal Rotary Evaporator, 115V/50hz by Dynalon
Fitted with a diagonal coil condensor offering high condensation efficiency, the R1000D is the leading Japanese product and ideal for evaporations of all the standard laboratory solvents. For convenient handling of larger samples the R1000D is fitted with a continuous feed adapter. The PTFE stopcock and PTFE feed tube offer a chemically inert and grease free liquid pathway, avoiding contamination by stopcock grease. Vacuum seal of Viton rubber for high solvent resistance is further protected from chemical attack by PTFE inserts ensuring long service life. The sparkless induction motor operates very quietly from 20 to 190 rpm and provides constant speed under variable load. The lift mechanism locks in place and is counterbalanced to provide very lightweight operation. Simply turning the control handle allows the glassware to be moved up or down easily even while using only one hand. R1000DW is supplied with a Digital Water Bath (as shown in photograph). Product Dimensions (l x w x h): 28 x 14 x 21in
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