Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eppendorf Models 5415R Microcentrifuges (without rotor) by Fisher Scientific

Eppendorf Models 5415R Microcentrifuges (without rotor) by Fisher Scientific
Save valuable lab space with these small but powerful microcentrifuges. Model 5415R measures 113/8L x 173/4W x 9 in.H (29 x 45 x 23cm); weighs 463/4 lb. (21.2kg). Maintenance-free brushless motor accelerates to 13,200rpm in less than 13 seconds, decelerates in 12 seconds or less. Operation is remarkably quiet less than 60dB. Units meet international safety standards for centrifuges ensuring operator safety (IEC 1010 2 020). Easy-to-use controls and digital displays. Turn one knob to set run time from 30 seconds to 99 minutes and continuous. Use the adjustable SHORT SPIN button for quicker spins. Turn another knob to set speed in 200rpm increments, and press it to display in rpm or rcf. Current settings are always digitally displayed. The refrigerated Model 5415R allows you to set temperatures ranging from 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F). Even at maximum speed, this microcentrifuge will maintain 4°C (39°F) exactly, protecting sensitive samples. Stand-by cooling keeps samples at the designated temperature, even after the run has finished. Plus, a unique FAST COOL function cools the centrifuge to 4°C within 16 minutes. The motorized lid latch closes the lid automatically and tightly, to ensure uniform temperature.
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