Friday, February 6, 2009

Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge by Grafco

Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge by Grafco
Sale: $675.00

Product Description
Product Description
Hematocrit Centrifuge The Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge is intended to provide laboratory tests for hematocrit values (HCT) in the fields of biochemistry, microbic immunity genetics, and blood separation, as well as general clinic tests. The Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge features a digital timer (up to 99 minutes), fixed speed, brake control, and a reading scale. This unit spins loads at a fixed speed of 12,000 RPM and includes a thermostat to regulate temperature. It can hold up to 24 capillary tubes of size 1.2mm (or 1.5mm) x 75mm.
Product Features

* MedexSupply Model # GRF-410E
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