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#1 Hot Offers Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire, Red

Best Review 2012 Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire, Red

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  • Certified Made for Kindle Accessory (Kindle Fire). The Prologue cover was specifically designed for Kindle Fire.

  • Lightweight and exceptionally sturdy construction. No unnecessary bulk.

  • Microfiber interior lining protects your Kindle fire screen. Slim pocket for essentials.

  • Specially designed corner strap system features long-life elastic straps with no-slip silicone. Strap length, tension, and placement are custom-engineered to hold onto the Kindle Fire and not let go. (If you are looking for a cover to take the Kindle Fire in and out of frequently, we suggest a sleeve.)

Product Description:
Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle FireThe Verso Prologue Covers for Kindle Fire are little time machines. They will take you back to the days of meticulously handcrafted book bindings andndash; the kind of bindings you can only find in dusty old libraries and antiquarian bookshops these days. Bindings with workmanship that honored the erudition printed on the pages inside. We think that there is something very appealing andndash; maybe a little ironic andndash; about juxtaposing the latest in tech innovation with a throwback cover. A Prologue cover is a proud anachronism. Like the handcrafted bindings of old, Prologue covers feature construction methods that make them special. We wanted them to appear well-read and well-loved right out of the package, so each cover has some details that help to tell that story: hand-distressed finishes, carefully embossed embellishments, and unique foil-stampings that (shh!) use a foil that looks old before it is even applied. Each Prologue cover is constructed by hand so each is a bit different. Your cover will be uniquely yours. Open the Prologue cover and the time machine zips back to the future. Well, back to the present anyway. We lined the interior of the cover with some very advanced microfiber fabric. This is the surface that kisses your Kindle Fire goodnight every night, so it needs to be soft, soft, soft. It wonandrsquo;t scratch, it wonandrsquo;t bite, and it might even buff away a few fingerprints. We should mention here that unlike those old bindings, Prologue covers are andldquo;animal friendlyandrdquo;. That means we make them with andldquo;fakeandrdquo; leather. We think everybody understands that andldquo;fakeandrdquo; leather means andldquo;realandrdquo; something else. And we think the andldquo;realandrdquo; cover materials we chose are andldquo;realandrdquo; good, andldquo;realandrdquo; durable, and andldquo;realandrdquo; attractive. We hope youandrsquo;ll agree. The straps in the Prologue cover, and in all Verso covers, are unique. We designed our straps to grab and hold your Kindle Fire with a vengeance. We made them tight because most people who buy and use this type of cover actually put their device in the cover once and leave it there. You donandrsquo;t typically put it in and take it out every day or even every month. There are sleeves for that. This isnandrsquo;t one. You want the cover to go on once and stay put andndash; even when it is banging around inside a backpack, purse, or briefcase. (Or, we suppose, a saddlebag or sea chest.) We even added a no-slip silicone stripe to the inside of the straps. Yes, the silicone makes the straps harder to put on andndash; but that momentary inconvenience is a very small price to pay for the long-term benefit of straps that grab and hold the device very securely. With the Kindle Fire weighing in at 14.6oz (vs. the 6.0oz Kindle), those straps need to be strong, tight, and anchored very securely to do their job. One of the most unique features of all Verso covers, including this Prologue cover, is the position of the straps. They are set in from the edges of the cover. This allows the straps to wrap around the Kindle Fire and become less distracting than typical straps that attach at the edges of the cover. The position of the straps also allows them to do a better job as shock-absorbers. Our approach on straps is more expensive to construct, but we do it because it performs better than the easy way. We chose a very high quality strap material that will hold its elasticity for at least the life of the device. Tight is good! Hard to get on means hard to get off! We designed it that way! Prologue covers require a bit of break-in. We understand that in this era of instant gratification, a product that requires even a few minutes to break-in can seem like an anachronism. Be forewarned: your Prologue cover will require about a day to acclimate to your Kindle Fire. Give it a day wrapped around your Kindle Fire and it will find its own shape and lay down just right. (Or, for that instant gratification, just roll the binding a little to loosen it up.) Hereandrsquo;s the inside story on the design: We could have very easily headed-off andldquo;wonandrsquo;t lay flat the first dayandrdquo; comments by adding more packaging andndash; specifically, a corrugated cardboard or foam insert closer to the actual thickness of the Kindle Fire. We didnandrsquo;t want to do that. Itandrsquo;s wasteful. Hereandrsquo;s another way to look at it: Remember the pre-Kindle days when you were still buying hardcovers? Was it really a problem that when you first opened the book, it didnandrsquo;t want to open wide enough to allow you to read the whole page? You just flexed the book a little to ease out the binding and it worked just fine. And by the way, none of those old printed books we used to read had an elastic strap to keep them closed, so we didnandrsquo;t include one on the Prologue covers. The Prologue cover was specifically designed for the Kindle Fire. It was tested by our team, tested by our independent lab and tested by the smart people who developed the Kindle at Amazon. It was certified by Amazon as a andldquo;Made for Kindleandrdquo; product. The Prologue cover works with other 7andrdquo; tablets too, but it was developed by our team to be a PERFECT fit for the Kindle Fire. (Note: If the package on your Prologue Cover does not mention the Kindle Fire specifically, it means you received one of the covers we manufactured before Amazon told us the name of the device. andnbsp;Most of those early packages have a andldquo;Works with Latest Kindle Devicesandrdquo; sticker. That means Kindle Fire.) Whatandrsquo;s old is new again! The past is Prologue! Read More

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