Saturday, March 21, 2009

FTIR Spectra Databases

Adhesive of Double Sided 3M Tape
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While chemical bond type identifications can be very useful for identifying strange and unusual material compositions, it is very useful to have large databases of FTIR spectra when one wants to match a particular substance to various specific manufactured products. Even when a particular material does not precisely match a manufactured material in a database, it is often helpful to know what products are similar to it. We presently have the following materials databases to assist us in these identifications:

* Fiveash Data Management FTIR Databases (24,470 Total Spectra)
Polymers and Polymer Additives (580 Spectra)
Surfactants (430 Spectra)
Organic Compounds Important to Industrial Processes (950 Spectra)
Minerals and Inorganic Compounds (310 Spectra)
Drugs and the Canadian Forensic Laboratory Spectra (3,750 Spectra)
Vapor Phase Spectra of Organic Compounds (5,220 Spectra)
Comprehensive Organic Compounds (10,300 Spectra)
Polymer, Plasticizer, and Monomer ATR FTIR Spectra (800 Spectra)
Essential Oil and Food Oil ATR FTIR Spectra (430 Spectra)
Inorganic Compound ATR FTIR Spectra (400 Spectra)
Dye, Stain, and Pigment ATR FTIR Spectra (170 Spectra)
Pharmaceuticals and Illicit Drug ATR FTIR Spectra (440 Spectra)
Adhesive and Sealant ATR FTIR Spectra (180 Spectra)
Cosmetic and Personal Care Product ATR FTIR Spectra (570 Spectra)

* JASCO compound database of 900 compounds with emphasis on polymers

* Know It All JASCO Edition compound database with 10,000 compounds with a per use fee to obtain matching spectra

* AME, Inc. Compiled Compound Database

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