Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ONYX WQF-510 FT-IR Spectrometer


* Adopting cube-corner mirrors and precision bearings with higher stability and less sensitive to vibration.
* Fully sealed damp-proof interferometer ensures higher adaptability to the environment.
* Compatible computer and various application software with IR libraries.
* The sampling compartment is wide enough for various accessories such as defused/Specular Reflection, Horizontal ATR, Variable Angle ATR, Liquid cell and Gas cell.


* Spectral Range: 7000 to 400 cm-1
* Resolution: 1cm-1, 2 cm-1, 4 cm-1, 8 cm-1
* Wave number Repeatability: Better than ±0.01cm-1
* Scanning Speed: 0.2~2.5 cm-1, Automatically optimized for detector type or manually adjustable for specific applications
* Beam splitter: KBr
* Infrared Source: External, air-cooled, high efficiency Reflex Sphere module
* Detector: DTGS, MCT (optional)
* Data system: Compatible computer
* Output: Laser printer
* Software: FT-IR software contains all routines needed for basic spectrometer operations.

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