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The ICP Emission Spectrometer is an automated analytical instrument for analyzing microelements and trace elements. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used in the fields of environmental monitoring, chemicals, geology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biology, foodstuffs, metallurgy and many others.


* High sensitivity, low detection limit of 10-8~10-10 g/ml.
* High precision with RSD less than 1.5%.
* Minimal matrix effect.
* Wide analyzable concentration range of 4~5 orders of magnitude.
* Simultaneous analysis of multi-elements
* Dynamic background correction to eliminate spectral interference.
* Integrated data collection control board is located inside the computer, ensuring strong resistance to interference.

Technical Data:

* RF generator
Oscillating frequency 40MHZ
Power output 0.7~1.2KW
Power output stability Less than 0.5%

* Polychromator

Paschen-Runge mounting
Concave grating: Curvature radius: 750mm
Ruled density: 2400/mm
Size: 30 x 50 mm
Dispersion: 0.55nm/mm (1st order)
Wavelength range: 190~500nm
Constant temperature: 30°C±0.5°C

* Measuring System
Measuring mode: sectional integration
Measuring accuracy: 0.2%
Dynamic range: 106
* Computer system
PII IBM compatible computer, printer and data collection control board.
Application software: Windows 95/98 operating system, standard Windows application software.
* Basic functions of the analytical software:
Spectrum scanning (manual and automatic);
Working curve establishment;
Working curve calibration;
Background correction ( blank method, dynamic method );
Quantitative analysis ( curve method, standard addition method);
Spectral interference correction (coefficient method, kalman filter method)./span>

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