Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ONYX AF-610A Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

ONYX AF-610A Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Sensitive, accurate and fast determination of As, Hg, Se, Cd, Pb, Sb, Te, Sn, Zn, Ge and Bi

* Drinking water (water quality analysis)
Detection of heavy metal elements (Hg,As,Se,Pb)
* Environment monitoring
Pollution research in soil, water and air etc..(As,Sb,Hg,Se,Te,Pb,Sn,Ge)
* Geology
General survey, detailed survey and abnormal evaluation in mine locating. (As, Sb, Bi, Hg, Se, Te, Pb, Sn, Ge)
* Clinical medicine
Micro elements in blood, hair, urine and tissue. (Se, Ge, As, Hg, Pb)
* Agriculture environmental protection
Grain, seeds, vegetables, soil and pesticide. (As, Hg, Se, Sb)
* Commodity inspection and food
Cosmetics, metal, meat, fish, alcoholic drink, milk products (As, Hg, Se, Pb,Ge)
* Metallurgy
Harmful elements in metal. (As, Bi, Pb, Sb, Sn etc.)

* The advanced continuous flow, discrete sample injection system with single pump control, wye mixing module (patented technique), provides simple structure, clear flow path and convenient operation, eliminating the need of using a special discharge pump and the trouble of flow rate matching.
* The spraying jet type hydride generation and three-step gas-liquid separating system (patented technique) with much higher reaction efficiency, features thorough gas-liquid separation, automatic waste liquid discharge, improving the sensitivity and precision effectively.
* Unique Ar-H2 flame automatic ignition device (patented technique) improves analytical sensitivity effectively and reduces gaseous interference and memory effect greatly.
* Infrared heating quartz atomizer (patented technique) with much longer operating life and good stability.
* Accurate peristaltic pump flow control device to ensure stable running and accurate sampling.
* Double-cathode HCL with super-intensive short pulse power supply is be used as the light source to improve the analytical sensitivity and stability.
* Large-sale logic array and highly integrated modular electric circuit design.
* Provides automatic gas line protection and alarm.
* Newly designed rotary auto-sampler with simple structure and excellent performance is available for user's choice.
* Computer control and rich data processing functions. Compatible computer communicates with the main unit via a standard RS-232 serial port. Windows operating software provides data, graphic, condition storage and expert system. Multi-windows processing technique provides the possibility of simultaneous display of signal profile, measurement results and curve fitting pages etc.

* Detection limit (µg/L):
1. Hg =0.003
2. Cd =0.001
3. As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Pb, Sn =0.03
4. Ge =0.3
5. Zn =2.0

* Precision: =1%
* Linear dynamic range: 3 orders of magnitude
* Dimensions: 880x460x480mm
* Weight: 75kg

Environment Requirements
* Ambient temperature: 5~35?
* Relative humidity: less than 85%
* Good ventilating facility
* Without strong electric-magnetic interference
* Power supply: 220v±10%, 50Hz

Standard Setup

* Main Unit: 1 set
* Computer: 1 set
* Printer: 1 set
* High intensity hollow cathode lamps: 2 pcs.
* Accessories: 1 kit

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