Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ONYX UV-2100 Spectrophotometer

ONYX UV-2100 Spectrophotometer


  • Double beam, fully-automated scanning system
  • Compatible PC controlled, full-featured analytical software.
  • Wavelength Scan: Scanning sample spectra in any range within 190 to 900nm. Three scanning speeds: Fast, Middle and Slow selectable, with min. sampling interval of 0.04nm. Data processing functions include derivative spectra and smoothing, peak picking, spectrum expansion and superposition and other arithmetic calculations.
  • Fixed wavelength measurement: Maximum of 10 wavelengths can be set at the same time.
  • Kinetic measurement: Wavelengths and sampling intervals selectable; activity calculation available.
  • Quantitation: Standard factor method, standard contrast method, 2-wavelength method, and 3-wavelength method, etc.


  • Wavelength range: 190 to 900nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3nm
  • Wavelength Reproducibility: 0.15nm
  • Photometric Accuracy: ±0.3%T (0-100%T), ±0.002A(0-0.5A), ±0.004A(0.5A-1A)
  • Photometric Reproducibility: 0.001A(0-0.5A)
  • Working mode: T, A (-0.3-4A), E
  • Stray Light: <=0.05%T(NaI, 220nm)
  • Baseline Flatness: ±0.001A
  • Stability: 0.0004A/h (at 500nm, after warming up)
  • Detector: photomultiplier
  • Light source: deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp
  • Power: AC: 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 400W
  • Dimensions: 670x470x210mm
  • Weight: 45kg

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